How to become a Friend of St Margaret's Church, Ockley

Any donation, large or small, will be gratefully received  and will be acknowledged. We are suggesting either a regular donation (monthly, quarterly or annually) or simply a one-off donation.

This can now be done on-line through Total Giving. Enter the amount and click "Donate".You will be asked whether you want to make a one-off or regular donation, send a message, add gift-aid (note it defaults to "yes" so if you are not able to make the declaration untick the box), your address and contact details. After summarising your donation it then asks you to proceed to pay via Paypal.

If you would rather donate by postal application then please download the Standing Order and a Gift Aid form. If you do not have Adobe Reader to read the pdf file then click on the "Get Adobe Reader" link at the foot of the page to download the program. After completion please send with your gift to Helen Burt our Treasurer. For a one-off donation then simply return your gift to Helen Burt

In either case, we would also be very grateful if you would complete the Gift Aid form (assuming you are a UK tax payer) as this will allow us to reclaim up to 25p in every £ 1 that you donate.


Please also consider making a legacy to The Friends. Legacies are tax efficient as inheritance tax is not payable on money given to a charity. We cannot give any legal advice and it is advisable to ask a solicitor to draw up a will or codicil anyway. Some useful advice is available from HM Revenue & Customs's website.